What to do in Dubai: Unique experiences

Written From… Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai, an extravagant city full of entertainment and fun, has a lot of things to offer. The city is not just one of the fastest growing cities, but is also a fantastic holiday destination. You may start the day by relaxing at one of the luxurious pools, shop at the biggest shopping mall, and then end the day in some fancy club or lounge.

This city may lack in culture compared to the other cities in U.A.E. but, it makes it up by offering some of the best and most unique things to do. If you’re planning a holiday there you need to check out this list of what to do in Dubai.  

Desert safari in Dubai

Known for its unique desert safari experience you’ll find tons of activities like dune bashing, ATV rides, henna designing, shisha smoking, belly dancing, BBQ food and many more that you can do. Between morning and evening, make sure you decide the right desert safari experience.

Dubai Miracle Garden

It is not just about desert and scorching temperatures – visit the Dubai Miracle Garden, and you’ll be astonished to see the natural, mesmerizing flowers with various patterns grown here. It gives one the feeling like ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

Mall of Emirates

If you’re looking to cool down then head over to the indoor ski park in the Mall of Emirates. Open 24/7 to the public, you can either ski or try snowboarding. There are also kid-friendly zones consisting of penguins to interact and have fun with.

Burj Khalifa at the top

Watching sunset from the Burj Khalifa is one of the most unique things you can experience. The world’s tallest building makes this experience a truly memorable one. The view of the sunset is mesmerizing, and you definitely need a camera to capture this moment.

Zip line in Dubai

If you have nerves of steel then this is one of the best things to do. This zip line takes you down through downtown Dubai and then land in the Dubai Fountain. This activity promises to pump up some adrenaline in you.

Spas in Dubai

Spas in Dubai are so worth it. With many different spas options that offer a relaxing experience you can choose a facial treatment or lava shell massages with 24k gold leaf.

Gold ice cream

There is no denying this is a wealthy city, and you can witness it everywhere. Sold at a whopping $800, this gold ice cream consists of Madagascar’s vanilla bean, saffron from Iran, black truffles from Italy, and 23-carat gold flakes and powder. Treat yourself!

Dhow cruise Dubai

Want to go for a date with your loved one? Dhow cruise promises to give couples one of the best experiences they can ever have. Experience modern technology used inside the traditional dhow boat along with delicious food, complimentary champagne and soft Arabian music.

Swing yoga Dubai 

If you find regular yoga boring then try swing yoga in Dubai. This is a new form of yoga where you’re tied with knots while performing new moves. This will surely put a smile on your face.

Dubai illumination center

If you’re looking for some peace of mind then Dubai’s Illumination Center is the right place to be at. The center offers yoga, feng shui classes along with therapy and counseling classes.


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